ABN AMRO offers discounted rates for Sustainable Properties

ABN AMRO offers discounted rates for Sustainable Properties
August 21, 2017 Laia Tremosa

Dutch bank, ABN Amro have announced that all the properties they finance must meet Energy Label A standards by 2030.

Dubbed Mission 2030, the initiative sees the bank intending to reduce their associated carbon footprint by 2 megatons of carbon dioxide, the equivalent to the annual emissions of nearly 800,000 passenger cars.

ABN Amro finances €185bn of residential, office and industrial properties — around 10% of all buildings in the Netherlands. They provide advice on the sustainability of building stock to their business and private customers. In addition, private customers can also receive discounted interest rates if their properties are more sustainable.

The bank intends to lead by example, “50 percent of the buildings that we occupy have energy label A; for properties that we own, the figure is 89 percent.”

Their aim is to have all of their premises, leased or owned, to have energy label A by 2023.