RENOVALUE project results: training available online

RENOVALUE project results: training available online
May 25, 2016 admin

The RENOVALUE project has published its final results, a training toolkit for property valuation professionals. The toolkit explains how to factor energy efficiency and renewable energy issues into valuation practices, and is available as free online training via RICS.

The training material will provide professionals with a more profound knowledge base regarding the latest energy efficiency and renewable energy technological solutions, their respective impact on various economic building performance aspects and relevant information resources. It is the result of extensive market research, stakeholder consultation and piloting programmes with about 400 professionals from across 8 European countries including Belgium, Germany, Greece, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, Sweden and the UK.

The course will help valuers to:

  • Recognise the impact of sustainability on the wider real estate market and the valuation professionals’ critical role with regard to market transformation
  • Understand the importance of buildings in relation to climate change and energy targets and its relevance to managing risk for your clients
  • Integrate energy efficiency / sustainability considerations in valuations on the basis of current sustainability-related guidelines, guidance and requirements
  • Create higher quality valuation reports
  • Prevent errors and mispricing of assets
  • Articulate the business case in conversations with your clients
  • Save time and costs through improved knowledge of relevant information sources