REVALUE publishes a fact sheet for lenders

REVALUE publishes a fact sheet for lenders
August 1, 2018 Sophie Rasbash

There are long-term risk implications for low energy performance properties and the lending industry is beginning to recognise this: Leading lenders are starting to collect data.

The REVALUE project partners have published a fact sheet for lenders, outlining the priorities and providing recommendations:

  1. Lenders are advised to instruct their valuers to consider EE measures in their due diligence and reporting processes when appropriate and comment on any value implications.
  2. Lenders should be aware that leading financiers are developing innovative financial products in respect of supporting energy retrofits.
  3. Lenders are recommended to consider the credit risk of value depreciation of energy inefficient stock and increased regulation regarding energy performance.

To access the full fact sheet, please click here.