REVALUE will present their results at Savills round table event on February 16

REVALUE will present their results at Savills round table event on February 16
February 2, 2018 amy mccready

On Friday February 16, the REVALUE team will host a round table event at Savills Margaret Street in London. REVALUE partners (RICS, Savills, VanHier accountants, Bax & Company, Luwoge & Maastrict University), will present their results from two years’ worth of research, investigating the links between energy efficiency and values in residential rented stock, across selected European countries.

The session will be led by Sarah Sayce, and will also include presentations from Corne Koppelaar of Savills and Juan Palacios Temprano of Maastricht University.

Focused primarily on social housing, which represents between approximately 20% and 30%+ of the residential stock in the study countries, the results of the study will be important to helping drive policy towards achieving some of the ambitious targets to reduce carbon emissions.

Within the project, team members have examined how, if at all, energy efficiency is impacting on residential investment property values by way of a major quantitative analysis. But alongside these case studies, workshops and interviews have investigated qualitatively, both the business case for investing in energy efficiency measures and the barriers.

The empirical work has now concluded and the team has been drawing up their findings and conclusions.

Now, the REVALUE team would like to share their project results and hear how they resonate with your reality, in order to build a holistic picture on how energy efficiency affects market value and how this in turn, can affect investors decision making.

Contact us if you are interested in attending.